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The future of preventative health care

What do we offer?


– Health Checks – Hormone Checks – Corona Tests –

– Monthly Health Control Program 

We are a clinic for preventative health care.
We offer annual Health & Hormone Checks, Corona Tests and monthly Health Control Programs.

Today, 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Our certified physicians and team of medical specialists are trained in functional medicine, meaning they use nutrition, stress endurance, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to help you balance your lifestyle and prevent disease while thriving in today’s fast paced world

 Enrich your health by knowing your health numbers and biomarkers

1. Health Check

a comprehensive 360 holistic and medical insight into your health and lifestyle
Executed by doctors and analysed by a team of (medical) professionals

Our Health Check includes:

A complete health & lifestyle check and evaluation, including essential lab tests to begin your path to a better health.
– 3x doctors consults (intake, results, follow up)
– 4x specialist evaluation (cardiologist, nutritional specialist, motion scientist, psychologist)
– 31x blood lab tests
– 10x biometers (BMI, fat%, blood pressure etc.)
– 8x motion exercises
– 5x metabolic assessments
– 7x days activity & sleep tracking
– 5x vital organ analyses
– 1x electrocardiogram
– 1x hearing test
– 1x burn-out risk score
– 1x metabol syndrom score
– 1x green zone evaluation
– 1x lifestyle evaluation, plan and advice

2. Hormone Check

an innovative medical insight into your lifestyle and hormone balance
Executed by a female doctor

Our Hormone Check includes:

A balanced hormone check and evaluation, including essential hormone lab tests
– 3x doctors consults (intake & result & follow up)
– hormone specialist evaluation
– over 10 blood lab tests
– 10x biometers (BMI, fat%, blood pressure etc.)
– 1x psychological tests
– 5x metabolic assessments
– 1x hormone zone evaluation
– 1x lifestyle evaluation, plan and advice

3. Corona Test

Want to know if you (do not) have Corona at this moment? Need to go on a trip and need proof that you are Corona free? Or do you want to know if you have had Corona in the near past?

Corona Rapid Test

– The diagnostic Corona Rapid Test gives results within 15 -30 minutes
– Specificity: 99.4% & – Sensitivity: 93.3%
– Material collection: nasopharynx swab
– Includes the CE mark
– From the age of 12 and older
– Result via PDF report, this PDF is NOT yet recognized as a travel document.

Corona Antibody Test

– Roche Anti-SARS-CoV-2 test shows level of antibodies IgA/IgM/IgG
– Specificity: 99,81% & Sensitivity: 100% Roche Anti-SARS-CoV-2 test
– Serology test (via blood)
– Result via PDF report, within 5 days.


To balance your lifestyle, we offer an innovative personalised comprehensive monthly health program

4. Monthly personal guidance by a team of professionals

With a team of proffesionals and a doctor, we guide you to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you. In your pace. 

Monthly guidance to a healthier you

Specific needs and stated ambitions require a solid professional program.
Personal and at your pace.

– 4x a month a consultation with your health coach
– You set health goals and achieve them in a structured manner, at your personal pace. So: Tailor made!
– Regular repetition of Mind, Motion or Metabolic measurements.
– Includes an annual Body Check (extra blood test, glucose finger prick and vitamin D).
– The perfect support to achieve health gains

Who are we?
Doctors who listen and understand your needs

Our doctors and (medical) specialists are trained in functional medicine, which means they look at the big picture, taking into account: psycological (in)balance (Mind), physical fitness (motion) , personalised nutrition (metabolics), your motivation and a variety of innovative, evidence based health lab – and biomarkers (Measurements). 

Our team of doctors and (medical) specialists

Our scientific executive board

Redefining preventative health care


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‘50% of adults have at least one chronic condition – the majority of which is modifiable or reversible’
The Centre for Disease, USA

‘Changes in lifestyle have a direct effect on gastroenterology, cardiovascular diseases and asthma’
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